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CAE Alliance

The CAE Alliance has researched and prepared an number of documents, including submissions to Governement Ministries and Agencies. The following are available for viewing and download.

Presentation to Hamilton

Port Dover Public Information Presentation

Presentation to the Standing Committee on Government Agencies Re: OPG

Infromation to Markham Council Re: Resolution Calling for Conversion of Nanticoke to Natural Gas

Canadian Green House Emissions by Sector

Ontario Green House Gas Emissions by Sector

Options for Nanticoke Generating Station

Coal Fired Emissions Chart

Economic Impacts of the Coal Closure Mandate

Climate Change Potential

Natural Gas and Coal Supplies in North America

Review of Ontario's Cost Benefit Analysis

Natural Gas Fired Generation in Ontario

The Truth About Smart Meters

CAE Response to the OPA Supply Mix...60 pages

Executive Summary of CAE Response

Coal, Clean Emissions Control & the Environment

Submission to the OPA re: Procurement

Response to OPA Re: Supply Resources, Sustainability and Intergration

CAE Input To The OPA ...Discussion Paper #2

CAE Input into the OPA..Discussion Paper # 3