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CAE Alliance


As a result of the Coal Closure Mandate According to CIBC World Markets Inc. report



Switching to natural gas for power generation will increase Ontario natural gas usage by 37%




• Predicted electricity rate increase - 6.5%/year will impact every  aspect of our lives

• Domino effect will be felt for homeowners, businesses, industry




• Coal contributes less than 5% to Ontario air quality concerns

• Closing coal plants will make a "small" improvement to Ontario air quality (Government's cost benefit report)

• Retrofitting coal units can reduce emissions, including mercury, 80% - 95% - near par with natural gas fired generation

• Lambton GS units 3 &4, equipped with this technology are rated 4th and 9th cleanest plants out of 500 coal plants in North America

-Coal fired generation produces <3% national greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions, <0.06% global human ghgs

• Negligible greenhouse gas emission difference between coal and gas when lifecycle emissions are considered - gas may be worse




• Less than 10 years supply of natural gas

• Demand for gas is increasing - Production is declining

• Gas prices are expected to rise middle of next decade due to depleting resources in Alberta where most of Ontario gas comes from

• Inefficient use of natural gas (35%-50%) compared to home heating and industrial use (95%)

• Chemical industries will suffer - causing local plant closures


The economy of Sarnia-Lambton, and the Province, will be significantly impacted for marginal, if any environmental benefit.

The CAE Alliance have been very busy over the last two years.
Here is a list of some of our accomplishments.
Reviewed and Responsed to Ontario Power Authority (OPA) Discussion Papers (8 in total) and the IPSP (Intergrated Power System Planning) information - fall 2006
Co-Hosted All Candidates Public Forum for Sarnia-Lambton Municipal Elections - Oct 2006
Media Presentation at Queen's Park, Nov 15, 2006 including the release of our DVD highlighting community and provincial impacts of the coal closure mandate
Meeting with the Ministry of Environment, Air Quality & Climate Change Department, -Nov 2006
Interaction with the Ministry of Environment regarding Request for Elevation of the Invenergy/St. Clair Power project
Attendance at the OPA Worshop (2.5 days) to discuss Supply Resources, Sustainability, Transmission and Intergration,. Nov 2006 - participation in OPA web conferences
Presentation to Pre- Budget Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs, Windsor , Jan 2007
Presentation to Standing Committee on Government Agencies regarding the Services of Mandate of Ontario Power Generation Feb 2007 (by invitation of official opposition)
Information to all candidates in 3 bi-election ridings to counter information circulated by the Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA) Feb 2007
Information packages to Environment Committee and Councillors, Markham Town Council, regarding OCAA request for resolution calling on conversion of Nanticoke Generating Station to Natural Gas, March 2007
Presentation at a Power Generation Public Meeting in Port Dover on March 28,2007 panel discussions with Duncan Hawthorne of Bruce Power; Ontario Energy Association; Greenpeace Canada; geologist John Bowlby fromToronto
Meetings with 3 local PC Party candidates to discuss energy issues and coal closures in particular- forwarding information to candidates in London and Chatham upon request.
Attendance at Ontario Power Supply Forum, April 16-17 opportunity to interact with key people in the energy sector: broaden our knowledge base: challenge existing misinformation, including to refute OCAA information: circulate CAE Literature.

Writing letters to newspaper editors and article authors in response to energy related matters


♦ Information to opposition leaders, environment and energy critics, as well as Gord Miller, Environmental Bill of Rights Commissioner


♦ Attendance at May 10 Seminar – Future of Coal in Ontario (Toronto – hosted by Queen’s University Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy)


♦ Presentation to Hamilton City Council, May 14, 2007


♦ Attendance at May 15 Seminary – Energy, The Environment and The Economy (Toronto – hosted by the Ontario Energy Association)


♦ Invitation to tour Bruce Nuclear Facilities and “discuss our energy supply mix”


♦ Meeting with PC Energy Committee – May 22


♦ Invitation for presentation at public forum on nuclear energy and alternative energy sources – Haldimand-Norfolk, June 19, 2007


Previous Other


Presentation to Windsor & District Labour Council


Presentation to Standing Committee – Judicial Affairs – Smart Meters


Presentation and unanimous support from Sarnia City Council


Meeting with Mr. D. Duncan, Energy Minister

Meeting with Marion Fraser, Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Energy


Input to Haldimand - Norfolk Chamber of Commerce re: resolution for retention and emissions upgrade, Ontario coal plants.


Review of government smart meter plan by Thomas Hughs Consulting (Corunna Ltd.)


Review and Report prepared by Thomas Hughes Consulting (Corunna Ltd.) on Governments Cost Benefit Analysis Replacing Ontario's Coal Fired Electricity Generation  


Here we'll list events and activities scheduled for the next couple of months. We'll update this page frequently, so check back often to stay up to date.

Prospective members are welcome to learn more about us by attending an event.