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CAE Alliance

Email a politician and tell him/her what your think:
Ask them what they hope to gain?
What will our children do in the future?
How will the elderly on a fixed income pay for their electricity, heating and cooling?

Bob Bailey MPP (Sarnia- Lambton)

Pat Davidson M.P. Conservative

Dalton McGuinty Premier on Ontario

Contact... About the Ministry

Energy Minister Honourable Dwight Duncan,

Mayor: Mike Bradley "Sarnia"

Anne Marie Gillis- Sarnia City Hall Councillor

Mike Kelch - Sarnia City Hall Councillor

Jon McEachran - Sarnia City Hall Councillor

Dave Boushy - Sarnia and County Councillor

Jim Foubister - Sarnia City Hall Councillor

Bev MacDougall - Sarnia City Coucillor

Andy Bruziewicz -Sarnia City Councillor

Terry Burrell -Sarnia City Councillor

NDP Government

Ontario PC

The Toronto Sun Editor

National Post

Globe and Mail Editor

Windsor Star Editor

London Free Press

The Toronto Star Editor



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