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Our Purpose
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CAE Alliance

Organization Purpose

We are a group of Ontario residents representing residential,commercial and industrial users of natural gas and electricity. We oppose the McGuinty governments decision to use natural gas to replace all coal fired generating stations in the province. We are convinced that such a move would have a significant negative impact on the economy of our province.  The reliability of power would be jeopardized.  We also believe that the environmental benefits of using natural gas to replace coal fired plants have been grossly exaggerated.  The impact of removing coal fired generation will not give Ontario significantly cleaner air. The positive effects are marginal and would come at very high a cost.  There are viable alternatives to consider.  We can have clean and affordable energy.The Alliance's purpose is to inform Ontario's public and private sectors about short and long term issues, risks and economic consequences of plans to use natural gas fired electricity generating plants to replace Ontario's existing coal fired generating stations. It is our goal to provide strong, convincing evidence of our claims to the general public in order to educate and motivate the ratepayers of Ontario to seek a reversal of the existing energy plan.To highlight the economic impact including employment in Ontario and Canada. How the closure of the provinces coal plants will have a snow ball affect on the economy. The cost of natural gas and  electricity will rise, the impact on the homeowner , small business man, and even the large industries will undoubtedly be overwhelming.
Our hope is that sanity will prevail concerning the provincial government's plans to close it's coal fired generating plants. 

Our Mission

Keep Ontario First. Ontario historically has had low electrical rates and excellent reliability. This reputation must be maintained. Ontario has an electricity system that is affordable, environmentally responsible, reliable and owned by the Ontario people. Our  mission is to inform the consumer of the importance of clean coal technology and how the province will lose billions of dollars by using natural gas to replace its coal fired plants. This money could be channeled into health care or education just to name a few. With annually diminshing gas reserves, natural gas can only increase in value and cost. In the future, natural gas must be used for high value purposes like home heating, petrochemicals and fertilizers to make the most of this fast dwindling resource. Once the coal plants are closed our electricity and gas bills are expected to rise 30-50% within the first two years. It is morally irresponsible to present and future generations to make Ontarians more reliant on this rapidly diminishing commodity. We strive to make a difference by educating the public and expanding our reach.

Briefly, Ontario is facing an energy crisis. We are running with a thin margin of power supply to demand- electricity needs in the province are growing by about 1% per year.
Ontario has become a net importer of power.

The government is committed to closing all coal fired stations in the province, representing 7575 MW of power or 25% of our requirements by 2007-2009. ( Lakeview, representing 875MW, was closed April 2005- 6700MW in remaining coal plants.)
Privatization of power generation is part of the Government agenda.
61,000 jobs lost in Ontario in the past 3 years - most in 2005 -high energy costs cited as part of the reason - warmings of another 50,000 within this year.

In December, the Ontario Power Authority released Recommendations and Advice for supply mix through to 2025, confirming that procurement of 6,000MW of natural gas generation is currently underway, with possible 1,500 MW to be added in the future.
The remaining supply mix suggestions will result in $56-83 billion in capital costs alone. Operating costs and many undetermined costs will add significantly to electricity bills.
Natural gas bills to home heating consumer and industrial users will rise.