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The Clean Affordable Energy Alliance formed in early May, 2005 as a result of the plans announced by the McGuinty government to restructure the energy system in Ontario. Common concerns for our community and our province brought us together: concerns for residents, industry, business, framers and labour. The CAE Alliance currently has 2 chapters, CAE Lambton and CAE Haldimand-Norfolk.

We believe that the current energy policy is a recipe for economic disaster.  Important, expensive decisions are being made that will impact the adequate and affordability of energy in Ontario for decades to some. A critical component is the removal of an additional 6500MW of publicly owned coal-fired electricity from the grid and subsequent replacement with natural gas- fired generation. All ratepayers, including business and industry, will experience some degree of financial loss through spiraling utility costs. Reliable, affordabe power in Ontario is being jeopardized.

The CAE alliance believes that clean, affordable energy is vital not only to the economic interests, but also the very future of Ontario. This province was built by industries and businesses that were attracted by affordable public power. Times are changing. Cheap power is now a thing of the past. Ontario is facing significant electricity supply problems. Important and expensive decisions have been recently made that will impact the affordability of electricity and natural gas in Ontario for decades to come. The impact on industry, residents and ratepayers is alarming.

Ontario's power system is strained. Economic and population growth, aging nuclear facilities, increased power imports and failures in restructuring attempts have weakened our system. Higher energy costs are impacting business and industrial investment translating into massive job losses. Now is not the time to remove 20% of reliable, affordable energy sources.