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The Ontario Power Authority (OPA)  was created, in part, to develop a plan for Ontario's entire power system, including transmission, for the next 20 years. The importance of this process at this time, arguably the most critical  in the history of the provincial electricity needs, cannot be overstated.

In developing this plan, however, the OPA has been given supply mix directions from the provinicial government that have handcuffed the OPA's abiltiy to use independent, informed and unbiased strategy in developing the plan. The directives force  the inclusion of unrealistic conservation goals, emphasis on unreliable and uncertain renewables, and removal of 6,500 more megawatts of coal fired generation.

The Ontario power system is strained.The OPA should seek first to strengthen the assets we have, including  existing transmission. Stringent emmissions control systems should be implemented. Planning should be from that point.